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Faculty member Stephen Adubato shares his experiences about The Hive

January 2017

St. Benedict’s Religion teacher Stephen Adubato was a featured speaker during the New York Encounter, a three-day event that takes place every year in the Chelsea Section of Manhattan.

Adubato spent several months with other educators from around the country developing an exhibit for the event entitled, “Education: Discovering the Promise of Reality.” It was based on the role of experience in Msgr. Luigi Giussani’s pedagogy in the American context.

“We got together to discuss our experience as teachers and tried to identify the ultimate meaning of our work as educators,” explained Adubato of the exhibit.

The exhibit was on display from Friday-Sunday, Jan. 13-19, and Adubato was on panel discussion that included his work at Benedicts and how it has impacted his own growth as a teacher.

A number of students, faculty and alumni joined him during the exhibit, including Nate Cruz ‘18, Joseph Carmona ‘17, Tahron Sheffield ‘17, Wei Zhang ‘15, Emanuel Marques ’16, Didier Jean-Baptiste ’96 and Noreen Connolly H’11.

“While developing this exhibit and presentation, I had the opportunity to reflect on my experience over the last few years in the St. Benedict's community,” said Adubato. “I began to discover the extent to which my relationships with the students, my fellow teachers, and the Monks have formed my understanding of education. I truly enjoyed getting to share these discoveries with the attendees of the New York Encounter, as well as getting to see how moved they were by hearing about the lessons I've been taught by the Benedict's community.”

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