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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the St. Benedict’s Preparatory School main phone number and contact information?

Is there an emergency phone number?

Who do I call if my son will be late for school or absent due to illness?

What is my son’s ‘GROUP’?

What is the difference between a beginner and a member?

How often will my son have Homework?

Is there a summer reading assignment?

Where can I find information about the summer reading assignments?



Where do I pay my tuition?  

Who do I talk to concerning Financial Aid?

Who do I call if I have questions about my bills, statements, late payments, or payment schedules?

What fundraising responsibilities do the parents have for the school year? 


First Term:

What are the dates for the opening of school?

What is the daily schedule in First Term?

Are breakfast and lunch available during First Term?

Who must do the overnight?

What does my son need for the overnight?

My son is a beginner, but not a freshman, what does he need?


Dress Code:

What is the current Dress Code?

Where can I purchase the hoodie?

Are their uniform pants and shoes?

My son has not yet received his hoodie, what do I do? 

Can I pick up a hoodie up at the store?

I don’t know my son’s group.

Do I need to purchase a gym uniform for my son?

What sneakers are allowed for gym?



What is the Parents' Organization?

How will important notices to parents be sent home? 


Student Services:

Who do I speak with about health forms and lunch accounts?

If my son receives medication during the school day whom do I contact?

I’m pretty sure that my son will not qualify for free or reduced lunch; do I still need to complete a form?

Is the information on the lunch form used for anything else?

How do I get more information on how to complete the form?

How do I deposit money into my son’s lunch account?

Health / Medical:

Does my son need a new physical each year?

I have a note from the doctor saying my son’s in good health, is that acceptable?

When are physicals due?

Will there be an opportunity to receive a physical at the school?


Transportation / NJ Transit


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