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Admissions Procedures & Deadlines for Applications

The Application for Admission must be filled in by the applicant himself entirely in his own handwriting with parents' and teachers' help. Blank application packets are not sent by mail. Candidates must first visit the school for an interview and to pick up the application materials. The personal essay is very important; it should be done carefully and should fill the back page. Being neat helps. The original application should be returned to St. Benedict’s. Photocopies and faxes are much less attractive and do not enhance the candidate’s prospects. Since school begins in July and classes fill up quickly, it is important that all materials be returned as soon as possible and certainly by the application deadlines (Dec. 31). It is the candidate’s own responsibility to ensure that the admissions office has received a completed application, especially by checking with teachers to be sure that the school has sent all required materials before the deadline. The admissions committee cannot make a decision on an incomplete application, no matter who is at fault. There may not be space left in the class by the time the application is finally complete.

A personal interview at St. Benedict's by a faculty member, alumnus, parent, or member of our Senior Class is required of all candidates. The candidate’s current school should be asked to send us: a copy of the most recent report card, a transcript of past grades from the last two years in school and the results of standardized test scores A teacher who knows the candidate well should be asked to fill in the Teacher's Recommendation and return it to us. If a St. Benedict's student, parent, alumnus, or friend knows the candidate personally, that person may be asked to write a letter of nomination for the candidate.

ALL CANDIDATES should call the admissions office and make an appointment to attend an Open House in October, November, or December. There will be a narrated slide show, a tour, handouts, and a personal interview. The application deadline is December 31, and decisions are mailed in the middle of January.

ALL OTHER CANDIDATES should call the admissions office to make an appointment to visit for a school day that will include a personal interview. The application deadline for Lower Division (grades 7 and 8) is December 31. Decisions for the Upper Division (grades 10 and 11) are made after May 15 as applications are completed.

Completed applications received by the deadlines will be considered together, otherwise candidates can only be considered if space is available. Since the school year begins in July and the Freshman Year is often filled by February, candidates must act promptly. Candidates and their families are responsible to be sure their file is complete:

  • application form with essay written exclusively by the applicant 
  • recommendation from a current core teacher (English, Science, History, Math, Religion) 
  • recent grades, transcript of grades, and current test scores
  • visit and interview at St. Benedict's
  • letter of nomination from St. Benedict's affiliate (optional)

Parent Orientation and Summer Phase are required of all new families.

Applicants and their families should familiarize themselves with the graduation requirements, financial obligations, the four phases of the 11-month school year, the program of Freshman Year including the Overnight Week and the Backpacking Project, the Group System with its heavy reliance on student leadership, the honor code, and the importance of cooperation in the maintenance of discipline and a healthy good order.

St. Benedict's admits young men of any race, color, creed, or national origin.
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