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St. Benedict’s Prep has garnered a national reputation for its student leadership program and student-run accountability system. For more than 40 years, St. Benedict’s innovative approach to helping students discover and develop their voice – a voice that matters and deserves to be heard – has led to the creation of the Vox Institute. Vox (Latin, for voice) is a multi-faceted program where St. Benedict’s experiences and practices are shared with schools and cities around the country. The Vox Institute focuses on four pillars of the St. Benedict’s Prep experience:
  • Student Leadership:  Students literally run a school.
  • Counseling Services:  Students’ hearts are just as, if not more, essential as their minds.
  • Community:  “Whatever hurts my brother hurts me. Whatever helps my brother helps me."
  • Life & Career Preparation:  Exploring life and career choice begins now.
For more information, please read our brochure below or contact Director Louis Lainé at (973) 792-5730 or llaine@sbp.org.
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