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Student Leadership

At St. Benedict’s, boys become leaders

We give our students tremendous responsibility and significant opportunity to serve as leaders in all aspects of school life. It’s not easy. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work. But we believe in each and every one of our students.

The Group System

The Group System is an important part of social life and student government at St. Benedict's Prep. Students are divided up among 18 groups; each group is named in honor of a St. Benedict's alumnus or prominent figure in its history. Groups meet regularly, compete in events, and play an active role in running the school. Each group elects a student Group Leader and Assistant Leaders and works closely with its faculty advisors.

Students remain in the same group throughout their St. Benedict's career, looking out for one another, helping each other with studies, and providing support.

Goals of the Group System:

  • Provide a vehicle for ordinary academic advising and personal counseling: a means to catch, channel, and follow-up on those who need more professional attention.
  • Provide a framework for socialization and recreation.
  • Provide peer motivation and positive peer pressure in academic and personal areas.
  • Provide a basis for student government and student problem solving.
  • Provide structure for clean-up, leadership practice, intramural sports, and attendance monitoring.

Group Leader Duties:

The Group Leader is first of all responsible to the members of his Group for running a worthwhile program; secondly, he is responsible to his Faculty Advisor and finally, to the Section Leaders, Senior Group Leader, and Headmaster.

  • Set a good example in attendance, punctuality, academics, active participation, cooperation, and support of others.
  • Take and report attendance at Convocation, keep group in order during Convocation, find out why absentees are out, confer with chronic lates, remind those assigned to clean up, and follow up on "cuts."
  • Record absences and lates on attendance sheet; keep order; keep group members in Group; dismiss at end; oversee shadows and tutor program; counsel students as needed about grades, attendance, behavior; run group discussions, barbecues, pizza parties, and activities; and attend to people coming into Group from outside.
  • Serve as general manager for teams and be sure all play who want to.
  • Assign Group members each day, check performance of clean-up, and report repeat cuts.
  • Represent Group to the Board and represent the Board to Group. Help Group members solve problems with faculty and administration.
  • Support the Honor Code.
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