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Our Mission

St. Benedict’s prepares young men to fulfill their potential as emotionally mature, morally responsible and well-educated young men.

Our Challenge

Adolescence is a challenging and transformative time. Boys, in particular, often struggle in school and face pressure to prove themselves. Getting into trouble, even danger, is a reality for many inner-city teenagers. The choices they make can shape the rest of their lives.
  • 78% of our students are Black or Latino, and more than half come from low-income families
  • 88% of our students are on full or partial scholarship 

Many of our students have faced significant challenges related to chronic poverty and racism.

Our Approach

St. Benedict’s Prep is devoted to preparing boys in and around Newark to navigate this critical time of transition. At the core of our philosophy is a rich tradition of family, leadership and excellence.

Operated by the Benedictine monks of Newark Abbey since 1868, St. Benedict’s offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that sharpens the mind, shapes the character and nourishes the spirit.  Because many of our students have faced significant challenges related to chronic poverty and racism, St. Benedict’s emphasizes building a supportive community as much as academic excellence.

Our Success

We are proud to be a leader among New Jersey schools. Most of our students have been undereducated their whole lives, and in four years at St. Benedict’s, they don’t just catch up, they take off.

  • While only 73% of our country’s Black and Latino students graduate from high school, our graduation rate is almost 100%.
  • 98% of our graduates attend college, and 87% earn a college degree within 6 years or are presently enrolled.

On graduation day, St. Benedict’s students stand proud of the hard work behind them, confident in the brothers beside them, and prepared for the future in front of them.

Joining a lifelong brotherhood of St. Benedict’s alumni, our graduates are primed to contribute their full range of gifts to their family, community and an ever-changing world.

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