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Graduation Requirements:

The following courses must be completed by a student at St. Benedict's Preparatory School in order to meet the requirements for graduation.

  1. Religion: Religion I through IV
  2. Social Studies: World History I & II, US History I & II
  3. Science: four courses, which must include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  4. English: English I through IV
  5. Mathematics: four courses, through a minimum of Algebra II
  6. Foreign Language: minimum two consecutive courses in the same language
  7. Physical Education: one course
  8. Fine Arts/Music: one course
  9. Spring Projects: one for each spring spent in school, including at least one year of a community service project
  10. First Term: one for each summer spent in school

Academic Questions and Concerns:

Academic questions & concerns should go to the attention of individual teachers first, then Level Coordinators.
7th & 8th grades: James Duffy, Ext. 5746
Freshman Year: Glenn Cassidy, Ext. 5740
Upper Division: Farad Lowther, Ext. 5743
Senior Year: Didier Jean-Baptiste, Ext. 5792

Scheduling A Parent-Teacher Conference

Parents wishing to arrange a conference with one or more of your son’s teachers, please contact those teachers directly, via e-mail or voice mail, with your request. The faculty contact list can be used for this. If you would like to meet with several teachers at once, please e-mail them together; it is very helpful for an entire student’s academic support team to meet together with parents whenever possible. If you have any difficulty in contacting a teacher, please e-mail Michelle Tuorto, Dean of Faculty, at mtuorto@sbp.org or call 973-792-5742.
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