The Vox Institute Presents
“Addressing Socio-Emotional Needs:
The Innovative Approach to Counseling at St. Benedict’s Prep.”

Aug. 20, 2019
Check-in: 7:15 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.
Program: 7:45 - 3:30 p.m.

The Vox Institute, in collaboration with the Counseling Program at St. Benedict’s Prep, is hosting a symposium on youth counseling. This symposium will provide SBP’s counseling staff with the opportunity to showcase their experiences, tools and best practices that have enabled them to account for the socio-emotional needs of St. Benedict’s students. In addition, St. Benedict’s seeks to create an exchange of ideas, and approaches, within the counseling community. The goal is to identify and increase the use of techniques that truly help young people.

Address: St. Benedict’s Prep, 520 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Newark, NJ 07102. (Enter Glass doors near 520 entrance)

General Admission: $250.00
SBP Alumni Admission: $200.00
College Student Admission: $50.00 (Valid ID required)

“Highlights of this Symposium”

Stage Rage:
Using the theater arts with adolescent men. Stage Rage uses elements of psychodrama in order to help the participants deal with issues such as family substance abuse, traumas, and emotional deregulation. In this program, students use personal traumatic experiences to facilitate group therapy sessions and to create original stage productions. This process was facilitated through the use of Irvin Yalom’s group psychotherapy methods.

Socio-emotional Approach to Discipline:
St. Benedict’s uses a unique transformational approach to helping students deal with behavioral issues that prevent them from behaving in a prosocial manner. This approach allows for the students’ behavior to be addressed all the while taking into account the socio-emotional circumstances that may lead students to misbehave. The goal, ultimately, is to help students develop the skills and tools that will help them better understand themselves all the while learning to accept responsibility for their actions, and to feel empowered enough to address their behaviors.

Psycho-Educational Support Groups:
In keeping with the unique community-based learning model that is present at St. Benedict’s Prep, the school’s counseling program has designed psycho-educational groups that enable students to confront the socio-emotional issues that they may be experiencing. Utilizing positive peer pressure, these support groups foster safe spaces for students to share their experiences with fellow peers who may be experiencing similar difficulties in their lives. (The topics of these support groups may range from anger management, the emotional impact of an absent father, the effects drug and substance abuse and depression)

About the Vox Institute: St. Benedict’s Prep has garnered a national reputation for its student leadership program and student-run accountability system. For more than 40 years, St. Benedict’s innovative approach to helping students discover and develop their voice—a voice that matters and deserves to be heard—has led to the creation of the Vox Institute. Vox (Latin, for voice) is a multifaceted Institute where St. Benedict’s experiences and best practices are shared with schools and educators across the country. The Vox Institute focuses on four pillars of the St. Benedict’s Prep experience:

Student Leadership - Adults step back so that students can step up.
Counseling Service - Mending students' hearts in order to educate the mind.
Community Services - Whatever hurts my brother hurts me. Whatever helps my brother helps me.
Life Skills - Developing skills to promote success beyond the classroom.