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If you’ve searched this far . . . we may be just what you’re looking for:

One of the oldest Catholic schools in this area, with 750 students from Newark and many surrounding communities
A tradition of outstanding academics, athletics and leadership development
A community that grows in faith through daily practice in prayer and study
A vibrant family atmosphere where students have real responsibilities
Outstanding faculty of Benedictine monks and lay teachers: 8 Ph.D’s, 23 Master’s
A stimulating mix of students from diverse racial, economic and social backgrounds
Unique 3-term school calendar with a spring phase for special projects
Freshman year program with distinctive curriculum and dedicated faculty
Counseling for students with varied personal challenges
Interaction with USNA midshipmen interns every spring and summer
College level courses through Seton Hall “Project Acceleration” and Rutgers-Newark
College counseling that leads to admission at top US and NJ colleges, from Ivies to local schools

We have been preparing students of diverse backgrounds for life’s challenges for nearly 150 years. Many alumni think their time at St. Benedict’s was the most important learning time in their lives.

If you are a good student, eager for challenges, excited to develop your talents and discover new ones, willing to work hard, open to learning from students from other backgrounds . . . you may want to learn more about whether we are right for you.

Financial Aid: We understand that tuition costs for college prep school may be a new expense for many families and could seem beyond their reach. All students receive a basic subsidy toward our full cost. Eighty-eight percent of our student body receives more than $2 million in financial aid each year.

To learn more. . . or to learn how to join our school community:

Admissions Office
St. Benedict’s Preparatory School
520 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Newark, NJ 07102-1314

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