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Visit for a Day

Candidates for St. Benedict’s are welcome to spend a school day at St. Benedict’s to meet our students and faculty and experience what a “Day at the Hive” is like. St. Benedict’s offers an atmosphere different from that at many other schools. In particular, the extent of student participation in the running of the school, the honor code, the Group System, the extent and quality of the facilities and the grounds, as well as the quality of the interactions between faculty and students are areas that shape and create the experience of being a member of St. Benedict’s Prep.

All Candidates for grades are strongly urged to visit for a day in addition to the required attendance at an Open House.

Candidates may call Mrs. Lamourt (973) 792-5744 a the admissions office to schedule a visit.

Admissions Office
St. Benedict’s Preparatory School
520 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Newark, NJ 07102-1314
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