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St. Benedict’s Prep prepares boys and girls in and around Newark to fulfill their potential as emotionally mature, morally responsible and well-educated citizens. Operated by the Benedictine monks of Newark Abbey since 1868, St. Benedict’s offers a rigorous curriculum that sharpens the mind, shapes the character and nourishes the spirit.

Our Mission

Founded in 1868 and sustained by the monks of Newark Abbey, who are committed to the city by their vow of stability, St. Benedict’s Prep is devoted to educating young men from Newark, its surrounding area and beyond. While explicitly dedicated to serving minority youngsters, and those from low-income backgrounds, we welcome students from all racial, religious, and socioeconomic groups to create real diversity. As a monastery school guided by the spiritual principles of the Rule of Benedict, we engage students in the daily practice of a living Christian community: all strive to grow in mutual respect, to work and pray together, and to take responsibility for one another. St. Benedict’s students learn to exercise leadership in all aspects of school life. Through a rigorous college prep curriculum and vibrant extracurricular offerings, we develop the mind, stretch the heart, form character, and nourish the spirit. Fortified by a robust counseling program and guidance from caring adults, our students gain the strength and resilience to achieve their goals, often overcoming personal obstacles and challenging backgrounds and the enduring legacy of poverty and racism. St. Benedict’s prepares a young man to fulfill his potential as an emotionally mature, morally responsible, well-educated, and confident person, eager to contribute his full range of gifts to his family, community and an ever-changing world.

Our Challenge

Adolescence is a challenging and transformative time. Getting into trouble, even danger, is a reality for many inner-city teenagers. The choices they make can shape the rest of their lives.

  • 78% of our students are Black or Latino, and more than half come from low-income families.
  • 88% of our students are on full or partial scholarship.

Because many of our students have faced significant challenges related to chronic poverty and racism, St. Benedict's emphasizes building a supportive community as much as academic excellence.

Our Approach

St. Benedict’s Prep is devoted to students in and around Newark to navigate this critical time of transition. At the core of our philosophy is a rich tradition of community, leadership and excellence.


When a young man enrolls as a student, he joins the St. Benedict’s community for life.

We invite only the most creative, caring and committed adults to become a part of the St. Benedict’s family because teaching is just the start of what we do. Many of our staff and students, including the head of school, live on the monastic grounds. Students have around-the-clock access to guidance from caring adults, and for those with more considerable personal obstacles, we offer an intensive counseling program.

Our students learn and grow side-by-side, working through challenges together and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

At St. Benedict’s, we live our credo every day, “What Hurts My Brother Hurts Me. What Hurts My Sisiter Hurts Me.”


At St. Benedict’s, students become leaders.

We believe that students will step up when adults step back. Benedict’s students are given tremendous responsibility and a significant opportunity to serve as leaders in all aspects of school life – from facilitating school-wide meetings to running peer support groups. It’s not easy. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work. But we believe in each and every one of our students.


St. Benedict’s emphasizes excellence in mind, character and spirit.

St. Benedict’s fosters a nurturing but challenging learning environment. We know what boys need to find success in and out of the classroom: a strong dose of tough-love mixed with unwavering support.

Our students are primed to contribute their full range of gifts to their family, community and an ever-changing world. St. Benedict’s graduates join a lifelong brotherhood of alumni who find great success and purpose across all facets of their lives. Our alumni are loving friends and fathers, as well as Fortune 500 heads. They serve as role models and pillars of their communities, as teachers and coaches, as well as political leaders and doctors.

Our Success

We are proud to be a leader among New Jersey schools. Most of our students have been undereducated their whole lives, and in four years at St. Benedict’s, they don’t just catch up, they take off.

  • While only 73% of our country’s Black and Latino students graduate from high school, our graduation rate is almost 100%.
  • 98% of our graduates attend college, and 82% earn a college degree within 6 years or are presently enrolled.

On graduation day, St. Benedict’s students stand proud of the hard work behind them, confident in the brothers beside them, and prepared for the future in front of them. Joining a lifelong network of St. Benedict’s alumni, our graduates are primed to contribute their full range of gifts to their family, community and an ever-changing world.

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Prospective students are welcome to spend a school day at St. Benedict’s to meet our students and faculty and experience what a “Day at The Hive” is like.

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