Students in graduation

Grossman Counseling Center

St. Benedict’s Prep has adopted a unique approach to student counseling: in an interest to address the hearts of students, St. Benedict’s combines positive peer pressure with a clinical approach towards students’ social-emotional health.

Clinical Approach

SBP’s counseling program is staffed by a PsyD, school psychologists, counselors and psychology interns from local universities. Each member of the counseling staff is committed to identifying the individual realities that students may live through.

Every new St. Benedict’s student undergoes a “Problems Checklist.” This behavioral checklist provides
a snapshot of each students’ social-emotional state, which enables the Counseling Center to gauge whether or not a student requires formal counseling services.

In addition to the assessment, the staff of the Counseling Center also hosts two sets of counseling
sessions for students: Individual Sessions and Family Sessions.

During individual sessions, students have the opportunity to meet with a counselor, or another counseling staff member, on a regular basis.

During family sessions, communication issues that persist between parents and students are addressed. During those sessions, the counselor’s main role is to foster a safe environment where either the student or his parent(s) can discuss salient issues with one another.

Positive Peer Pressure

SBP’s counseling program also fosters opportunities for students to support one another. In particular, many SBP students take part in group counseling meetings. These meetings take place during periods not designated as “class-time.” In those groups, a SBP clinician oversees students as they discuss various topics and personal struggles among themselves. These topics and struggles vary by group.

Unknown Sons: For students with relationships with their fathers that are either
broken or nonexistent. This group is the most popular one at SBP.

Alateen: For students affected by someone abusing drugs and/or alcohol in their family.

Blue Man Group: For students suffering from depression.

Anger Management: For students who exhibit explosive or implosive behavior.

Dreamers Without Borders: For students whose social-emotional distress stems from
the fact that they’re undocumented.

Velvet Rope: Behavior modification program, housed in our residence hall, for kids who exhibit behavioral problems, or who have suffered from varying kinds of substance abuse.

To learn more about the Counseling program at St. Benedict’s, please email Dr. Ivan Lamourt at