Students in graduation

Bring Your Own Device

SBP has been incorporating technology in the classroom in order to prepare our students for their next level of education. All assignments will be digitally based while we shift between remote and onsite classes. The ownership of a portable device with a camera and microphone will be mandatory for the 2022-2023 academic year for grades 3-12 and postgraduates. Students will be required to have their own personally owned device with a camera and microphone in order to attend class and complete assignments. Students K-2 should have a device at home that is able to connect to periodic online classes, but it does not need to be a device dedicated to that student. K-2 students will not be required to bring the devices to school. Cell phones with a camera and microphone can fill a gap temporarily if a student's device breaks and is in the process of being replaced, but are not long term solutions for attending class.

Recommended Devices

We discourage parents from going out and purchasing the newest, top of the line model laptop, device, or gadget for their sons and daughters, especially if this will be his first time being responsible for the care of a device on a daily basis. Google Chromebooks have met the needs and surpassed many expectations of our users. They are reasonably priced, have great battery life, portable, and perform well.

If you will be purchasing a new Chromebook, we recommend the models in the $275 - $400 price range. Models far above that price point have been overpowered. Devices under that price point have not performed well. When choosing a model to purchase, pay close attention to screen size and touch capability to make sure you are getting a device that meets your expectations.

Other Devices

If you already have a portable device at home, students can use them for SBP assignments. Current students are able to access assignments on Chromebooks, iPads, Droid tablets, and Windows and Mac laptops. The device needs a camera, microphone, and Internet access through Wi-FI. Google documents are a backbone of many assignments. Please verify your current device can view and edit Google documents. For example, Amazon Fire devices do not easily edit Google documents. This particular device would not be recommended for our assignments.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Devices older than 5 years or newer devices with base model hardware may not perform well in the classroom video conferences. This will affect the student's ability to participate in class.
  • If you will be purchasing a Windows based laptop, we recommend a Core i5 CPU or better and 8 GB of RAM or more.
  • Battery life of the device: Students should be able to get through all of the day on a single full charge.
  • Size: If the device is too big, it is less portable. If the device is too small, it is less efficient for the student to work on.
  • Keyboard: Physical keyboards help many type more efficiently. There are wireless keyboards that can connect to tablets.
  • Protection: A solid case can protect a device from bumps while in transit and from daily use.
  • Start slow: Do not purchase every accessory and peripheral available for a device. Get only what is needed and expand as necessary.
  • SBP will not maintain or fix issues on personal devices. SBP has secured a group rate for insurance for personally owned Chromebooks. This is optional. Claims will be handled by the parent and the insurance company. Click here for the application.