Students in graduation

Career Resources


Part of the St. Benedict’s experience is discovering, exploring, and cultivating talents with an eye toward life after high school. In addition to our college placement services,, students have the opportunity to develop career-ready skills in many areas, through activities at school, relationships with corporations, and networking with alumni. For example, students are learning investment skills by playing the stock market in the Investment Club, are able to take advantage of internship opportunities at local businesses, and can speak with professionals in many fields through our alumni network.


“How much experience do you have?” This is the question that all millennials hear when applying for a job. With a competitive workforce and expensive college tuition, it’s important that our students at St. Benedict’s Prep gain experience in the fields in which they hope to work one day.

Farad Lowther '10, St. Benedict’s advancement officer, has focused on connecting Gray Bee students with internships at local companies. Most recently, Mr. Lowther helped Arch Insurance of Jersey City establish an endowed scholarship which will pay the tuition of one student; additionally, they will hire multiple students and SBP alumni for paid internships.

Mr. Lowther has connected students with companies to match their fields of interest. In the last three years, Richard’s Manufacturing – one of the largest manufacturers of electrical protectors and accessories – has accepted six SBP interns who plan to be engineers.

Students interested in the finance world have also been connected with the U. S. Bankruptcy Court, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to name a few.