Students in graduation

College Guidance

Our goal here at Saint Benedict's and in the College Guidance Office is to help our students create options for themselves upon graduation. Our belief is that students are capable of taking control of their lives both academically and socially. We are certainly willing to guide, counsel, suggest, and inform but the student is the one ultimately responsible for the decisions that affect the process and responsible for the process itself.

We strive to find the best match between students and colleges. Students are the happiest and most at ease throughout the process when they take time to research and select schools that are best suited to their individual wants and needs rather than focusing on rankings. The goals of students and those of some colleges and universities can be very different and because of this, students should not compare themselves to one another or ask why another student was admitted to a particular higher learning institution and they themselves were not. Students should focus on finding their best fit and know that they can be both happy and successful in life with enough hard work and perseverance, regardless of the school they enroll in.

We will be completely open and honest with each student throughout the process. All students are different and more than likely they will use our services differently. We will not force the process but rather, keep an open door and be ready and willing when each student needs us.

Didier Jean-Baptiste
Director of College Guidance
(973) 792-5792

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