Students in graduation

World Languages Department


The philosophy of the World Languages Department is to highlight the importance and use of other world languages here and abroad, currently and previously in history, while showing students that a language is a part of culture and culture is part of a language and that neither aspect is independent nor can it remain stagnant, but evolves over time The World Languages Department makes available to students several world languages to choose from. Currently, the World Languages Department offers 4 levels of Spanish, 4 levels of Latin, 4 levels of French and 2 levels of American Sign Language.

Objectives/Goals of the World Languages Department:

Listening: To be able to follow teacher lectures, class discussions, and o be able to comprehend radio and television media.

Reading: To introduce literature, cultural and historical textbooks written in target language, and passages from periodicals.

Writing: To be able to write compositions, longer and more involved free writing assignments, written answers to textbook questions, and literature assignments.

Speaking: To place emphasis on self-expression in the classroom though discussions of reading assignments and other topics.

Culture: To study the history and culture of different countries and consider contemporary political and social issues through the use of periodicals and mass media.