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Religious Studies Department


The Department of Religious Studies at St. Benedict’s Prep works to develop in our students knowledge of the Christian faith and its practical consequences for behavior in everyday living. Within the context of the Benedictine monastic tradition, we communicate the fundamentals of the Christian religion. We challenge Christian students to a deeper experience of Church, an acceptance of Jesus Christ, openness to the Holy Spirit, and commitment to bringing about the Kingdom of God.

Departmental Goals

Jesus came to preach the good news of the coming of the Kingdom of God. In view of our call to continue to build the Kingdom of God on earth, we, the members of the department of religious studies, commit ourselves to the following goals:

  1. To assist all students in their search for meaning in their lives in relation to God, themselves, others, and all of creation, regardless of their religious background.
  2. To develop in our students an understanding of and appreciation for the Judeo-Christian tradition through the academic study of sacred scripture from the perspective of Catholic Christianity.
  3. To instill in our students an intellectual understanding of the moral teachings and values of Jesus, especially the inherent dignity of every person.
  4. To impart to all students an understanding of the Catholic tradition, and to Catholic students a sense of their identity as Catholics, and commitment to a life based on Chritian principles.
  5. To foster knowledge of and respect for other religious experiences and traditions.
  6. To assist students in the discovery of their God-given vocation in life

Relgious Studies Department Courses