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Science Department


The Science Department at St. Benedict's Prep endeavors to nurture curiosity and understanding of our natural world. By helping students learn how to learn, we hope to provide the skills and mental framework they can use to seek reasonable and reliable knowledge, both now and after graduation. Improved skill in close-reading, hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis, and interpretation based on evidence are primary goals.

Students are challenged to identify and evaluate patterns in data, ask questions, and design investigations in pursuit of answers to their questions. Understanding of complex topics is further enhanced through readings and more traditional learning and laboratory experiences. We strive to meet our students where they are and develop their own unique interests and abilities. Courses offered by the department will acknowledge and challenge each student's unique abilities and interests, to stimulate growth in his personal capabilities and future opportunities. No matter their future endeavors, our students learn to form and evaluate knowledge claims, requisite skills of both the scientific community and greater society at large.

Students at St. Benedict's take three laboratory science courses; we recommend four years of science enrollment, and the Department offers a variety of electives exploring physical sciences, biology and life sciences, atmospheric and environmental studies. Three of our departmental offerings are courses in the Project Acceleration program of Seton Hall University, eligible for potential college credit. Our students meet and interact with scientists from nearby biological, medical, and engineering laboratories and suppliers in the local area, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs held in various colleges, including Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Science Department Courses