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Early College Programs

Earning College Credits at The Hive

St. Benedict’s has partnered with Rutgers-Newark, NJIT, and Seton Hall University for talented students to earn college credits at The Hive.

Gifted seniors are eligible to take college classes at Rutgers University's Newark campus at a significantly reduced rate. Students receive college credit directly from Rutgers for taking courses such as psychology, economics, and advanced calculus.

St. Benedict’s will also partner with NJIT to offer gifted seniors and juniors the opportunity to take credit-bearing classes such as engineering fundamentals, chemistry, and calculus. NJIT has generously offered a reduced rate to our students as well.

St. Benedict’s is also a participant in Seton Hall University’s Project Acceleration, which is a concurrent enrollment program within the College of Arts and Sciences in South Orange. Enrolled students can earn credits from Seton Hall for approved courses taken at their high schools. This means that sophomores, juniors and seniors can begin their college studies right at St. Benedict’s Prep, and will have a transcript from Seton Hall University reflecting credits earned (the course grade must be a C or higher to earn credits). Project Acceleration teachers at St. Benedict’s have been approved to teach college-level courses through their own educational credentials. Project Acceleration staff at SHU is also committed to helping students navigate the transfer of those credits to whichever college he matriculates.

Project Acceleration tuition is free for qualifying students through our federal Title IV funding.

St. Benedict's current Project Acceleration course offerings are:

Spanish 4 (Mr. Rodriguez)
French 4 (Mrs. Thieberger-Kittinger)
African American History (Mr. Riley)
Senior Religion
(Mr. Adubato)
Meteorology (Mrs. Tuorto)
Environmental Science (Mrs. Tuorto)

Psychology (Dr. Lamourt)
Advanced Art (Mrs. Wye)
Jazz Band (Dr. Fletcher)