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Exchange Program

Network of Complementary Schools

St. Benedict's is a member of the Network of Complementary Schools, a unique organization of 26 public and private schools/school systems, located in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, which organizes and sponsors individual student exchanges among member schools. Each of the schools in the Network has a unique and unusual program or programs. Students who visit another Network school have an opportunity to explore career options, to focus on scientific disciplines, to learn more about social institutions, to pursue artistic interests, and to learn about different lifestyles and cultures.

Generally, the programs offered by Network schools are experientially based or have an intensive academic focus. Since there is no expectation of a one-for-one exchange, students are able to consider any other Network school. Each member school has a staff member serving as the Network Advisor, who works closely with students to arrange an individual exchange with another Network school. St. Benedict's Network Advisor is Fr. Albert Holtz, O.S.B.

The Network’s website details each member school's offerings. Individual exchanges last for two or three weeks. There is no charge to individual students other than transportation and spending money, and financial aid is available. St. Benedict's students' Network trips are almost always during Spring Phase in May.