Students in graduation

Independent Study

The Independent Study Program, created through the collaboration of Reuben Kadushin '21 and Ms. MacPherson (English/journalism faculty), is an opportunity for students to pursue an intellectual interest by creating a unique plan of study in collaboration with a member of the St. Benedict’s faculty. Under faculty supervision, guidance, and encouragement, students will be expected to create a final product or series of products that can range from, for instance, papers, presentations, and creative pieces that their instructor can evaluate. The goal of this program is to give students an opportunity to engage in rigorous coursework in a setting that encourages students to take creative and intellectual risks. This combination of academic rigor and liberation will help prepare students for college coursework, discover interests of study, begin to visualize possible careers, and gain confidence. Independent Study courses can range from one to two semesters, depending on commitment from staff and plan of study.

Students can complete an independent study project during their senior year. Interested students should speak with Mrs. Tuorto regarding academic eligibility during Winter Term of their UD2 year. Accepted students will need to secure a faculty collaborator, complete a project proposal, and submit to Mrs. Tuorto by the end of their UD2 year.