Students in graduation


SBP students interact with technology on a daily basis, whether a class is being presented with a Promethean Board, assignments are digital in nature or just checking email for announcements. All classrooms have Internet access and all academic areas are wireless accessible. SBP has an Academic Computing Center where classes can meet or students can complete assignments that require a computer.

SBP's email and documents are hosted by Google. This gives us access to Google's whole suite of products including Gmail, Google Drive, Blogger, Sites, Classroom, and Cloud Print. Current students have access to their files and email in school, at home, and on the road. This allows for education to continue anywhere on and off the property.

Students can also learn about technology outside of the traditional classroom. Students can learn how to digitally produce a yearbook and newspaper in school activities. We have had several intense courses during our Spring Phase where students can learn how to edit photos and videos. Students of various grade levels help shape technology policies from year to year as technology access, needs, and issues change.