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Acceptable Use Policy

Click here for the online form version of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

The computers and devices purchased by St. Benedict’s Preparatory School (SBP) or received by donation are the property of SBP. This includes any device assigned to you for any period of time. Academic / work related tasks take precedence over personal tasks. Printing is restricted to academic / work related material. Print only what is needed to minimize paper and toner usage. Do not share your password with others. Do not use other people's accounts. If you forget your password, the SBP technology department can reset your password for you. If a member of the SBP IT staff needs to borrow your password for maintenance, reset it when they are finished. Be respectful to those around you who are working. Be mindful of what websites you visit. All activity is monitored and recorded. Anyone connecting to or using any resource provided by SBP consents to monitoring. Inappropriate activity may result in legal action or losing the privilege of using SBP resources.

General Internet Use
General access to the Internet is permitted for employees and students within the limitations set forth in this policy.

Use of Social Media
Some social media sites are permitted for employees and students within the limitations set forth in this policy.

Inappropriate Content
While web and social media contain legitimate business and personal content, they also include content that is inappropriate for the academic / workplace environment including nudity, violence, abused drugs, sex, and gambling. Inappropriate content should not be accessed while using SBP resources. Employees and students should use common sense and consideration for others in deciding which content is appropriate.

Content Publishing and Confidentiality
The following are policy guidelines regarding what you should and should not do when publishing content to the web or social media. These guidelines apply to all communications whether personal or SBP-sponsored. Employees and students are responsible for content they publish on the web and social media sites and can be held personally liable for content published. Employees and students can be subject to disciplinary action by SBP for publishing inappropriate or confidential content. These guidelines only cover a sample of all possible content publishing scenarios and are not a substitute for good judgment.

  • Be professional. If you have identified yourself as an employee or student of SBP within a social website, you are connected to your colleagues, supervisors, SBP’s students, parents of students, and alumni. You should ensure that content associated with you is consistent with your role at SBP.
  • Speak in the first person when engaging in personal social media communications. Make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of SBP.
  • Be aware of your association with SBP’s social media – If you identify yourself as an SBP employee or student, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself with colleagues, students, parents of students, and alumni.
  • Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable at SBP. You should also show proper consideration for others' privacy.
  • Do not register accounts using SBP’s name or any other unregistered or registered trademarks. For example, do not create a Facebook page named Gray Bees.

Online Safety

  • Students, do not post personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers on social sites. Employees, be selective on which sites you provide information to.
  • Students, do not agree to physically meet someone you met online without permission from a parent.

Unauthorized Access

  • Employees or students should not try make unauthorized entry to machines or systems. If an employee or student notices a security breach, notify the SBP technology department immediately.
  • Students may not copy, delete, or install any programs on a school computer.

Mishandling of Devices

  • Any costs, fees, and liabilities by misuse or mishandling of devices are the individual's responsibility.


  • Inappropriate activity may result in legal action or losing the privilege of using SBP resources.