Students in graduation

Google Drive & Docs

Google Drive allows you to store any type of file in the cloud so you can access it from multiple places. This is very similar to Dropbox and other cloud solutions. Google Drive is available from any browser by going to and logging in using your SBP email address. You can access all of your documents from here. You can download the Google Drive app for your mobile devices and tablets as well.

Google Docs works very closely with Google Drive as all Google Docs get saved in Google Drive by default. Google Docs provides very similar functionality to the Microsoft Office suite without the need to purchase or install any software. You can create documents from a web browser on any computer or device. You can also access these documents from any computer or device. You no longer need Microsoft Word installed on a computer to type up an essay. You no longer need Microsoft PowerPoint to create a slideshow presentation. These features allow our students to continue working on school assignments when they are not home.

Watch the video below for more information.