Students in graduation

The Vox Institute services schools by helping them create educational environments that are conducive to the development of their students’ sense of agency, self-efficacy and leadership skills. To that end, the Vox Institute helps schools create “educational communities” (EC). An EC is the product of a School (including staff, faculty and facilities), a set of core Beliefs that exist within the school and a series of Practices that work in tandem to create a dynamic learning environment where students can develop skills and habits that will enable them to grow into themselves as servant-leaders, to develop a sense of integrity and to be challenged both in and out of the classroom. This approach to education reflects the school model present at St. Benedict’s Prep. (NJ). This model includes student-led programs, catered experiences and peer-support systems that elicit students (as well as faculty and staff) to foster a collective identity within the school. The success of the S.B.P educational model hinges on the idea that students are responsible for their development as well as that of their peers.