Students in graduation

Clubs & Organizations at The Hive

Gray Bees have an array of extracurricular activities to choose from to fulfill the two-activity requirement as freshman, and one activity requirement as upperclassmen.

In addition to long standing extracurriculars like Drama Guild, The Benedict News and The Kayrix literary journal, students may propose and organize new clubs and activities each year. Activities are student-run, with faculty moderators providing guidance and input.


National Honor Society

National English Honor Society

National Art Honor Society

The Arts

Art Club


Drama Guild


Jazz Band

Community, Life Skills & Hobbies

520 Corp

Admissions Team

Chess Club

Crossfit St. Benedict's

Gray Bee Investors

Student Alumni Association

Journalism, Media & Literary

The Benedict News

The Kayrix (literary magazine)

Telelog (yearbook)

Broadcast Crew

Social Impact

Gray Bee Garden (Urban Farming)

Gray Bee Ministry

Green Bees

Race to Action