Students in graduation

Activities Overview

It’s hard for students to fly under the radar at St. Benedict’s. Sports and activity requirements are a big reason why.

There is a two-activity requirement for freshmen, which may include any one of our 15 sports programs or wide range of extracurriculars. Upperclassmen have a one activity requirement, and the commitment to student growth outside the classroom is community-wide; faculty and staff members typically coach a sport or moderate a club.

We view Athletics as a crucial part in the education of a young man or woman. It teaches the importance of team work, how to strive for a goal, and how to overcome adversity — all necessary qualities for success long after the cheers of the gym and field have faded.

Students often enter St. Benedict’s with the intention of continuing the sport played in middle school or honing a specific pursuit or interest. We encourage students in their chosen pursuits but also want to expose them to new activities that may test a different skill set and inspire personal growth.

Watch our “This is Community” video to see how sports and activities foster engagement and a sense of belonging.