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Young men learn they are capable, resilient and can become, "Any good thing you want to be," at St. Benedict's Prep. It starts with our motto, “Whatever hurts my brother hurts me. Whatever helps my brother, helps me," and distinctions you won't find at other schools: the Freshman Overnight, the Backpacking Project and the Group System that fosters community, brotherhood and leadership. Young men also benefit from Early College Courses and outstanding College Placement.

Sign up for an Open House to learn more about the Boys Prep Division. If you wish to apply for 2022-23, the deadline is December 31. Candidates will receive a financial aid application upon their acceptance to St. Benedict's. Visit our How to Apply page or use the button below to start your application.

The Backpacking Project: 'Stay Together'

"Stay Together," a term coined by the late leader and founder of the St. Benedict's Backpacking Project, Fr. Mark Payne, O.S.B. '69, helps Gray Bee freshmen while they navigate "The Trail." The 55-mile hike over the Appalachian Trail is an important rite of passage. When a first year student completes the five-day trek with his brothers, he has earned his place in the St. Benedict's community as well as the right to wear the black hoodie. The Backpacking Project was chronicled by filmmaker, Chris Gallaway, during May of 2018 for the Appalachian Trial Conservancy.

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