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Financial Aid

The monks of Newark Abbey and the school’s Board of Trustees believe that financial issues should not exclude any student who sincerely desires to attend St. Benedict's Prep.

Prep and Middle Divisions

The amount of financial aid depends on family income and the number of dependents. Financial aid is offered to families who cannot afford the full tuition. When a candidate receives his letter of admission, a financial aid application is included in the envelope. The completed financial aid application is mailed by the family to the Private School Aid Service for an evaluation. The Service then makes a report to St. Benedict’s and the Financial Aid office notifies the family of the amount of aid that will be offered. More than 80% of students each year are granted aid exceeding $5 million annually.

Elementary Division

Financial assistance may become available as a result of donations from benefactors. Families will be alerted when such opportunities become known.

Admissions Office

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