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Tuition & Financial Aid

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about tuition and affording a St. Benedict's Prep education.

What is the cost to attend St. Benedict's?

Tuition + fees for the 2023-2024 school year are:

  • Elementary Division (Grades K-6): $5,900 tuition + fees
  • Boys & Girls Middle Division (Grades 7-8): $11,160 tuition + fees 
  • Boys & Girls Prep Divisions (Grades 9): $16,045 tuition + fees
  • Boys & Girls Prep Divisions (Grades 10-11): $15,835 tuition + fees
  • Boys & Girls Prep Divisions (Grade 12): $16,050 tuition + fees 
What does tuition + fees include?

Tuition + fees are comprehensive. The cost includes tuition, plus books, supplies, extracurricular activities, graduation, sports, travel to activities and sports, and some overnight experiences like the Freshman Overnight and The Trail.

How do families afford St. Benedict's?

St. Benedict's Prep is committed to helping students attend The Hive, regardless of their family's financial situation. In our Middle and Prep Divisions, 85% of students receive financial assistance each year. The financial aid we award totals more than $6 million annually.

Additionally, some St. Benedict's students receive scholarship assistance from The Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children (K-12) and the Student Partner Alliance (Grades 9-12). Families apply directly to these funders.

Many families enroll in the FACTS payment plan; 11 electronic payments are made automatically starting in May and ending in March.

How are you able to offer this level of assistance?

St. Benedict's is blessed to have the support of loyal alumni who give back so that present and future Gray Bees get the same foundational education they received. The Hive is also supported by foundations, corporations and friends who are inspired by the achievements of our students.

When do I apply for Financial Aid?

St. Benedict's Prep reviews every financial aid application received individually. Please note that decisions for financial aid will not be made until all required documents have been received and you are enrolled in FACTS.

Is Financial Aid available for the Elementary Division?

Rather than offer financial aid, the Elementary Division tuition is significantly subsidized, helping us keep the tuition as low as it is for all students.

What is the Refund and Withdrawal Policy?

All students who officially withdraw in writing though the Office of the Registar/Admissions, or are dismissed, will receive a tuition refund according to the established refund schedule. Please note that the $350 Registration Fee is non-refundable.  Grave Level Fees are also non-refundable once classes have commenced.

Withdrawal Date Amount Due Amount Refunded
Withdrawal before
July 1
  100% less $350 Registration Fee
Withdrawal before September 1 5/11th of cost 60% of 5/11th less $350 Registration Fee and Grade level Fees
Withdrawal on/before October 1 5/11th of cost 50% of 5/11th less $350 Registration Fee and Grade level fees
Withdrawal after October 1 8/11th of coast No Refund


  • If a refund is issued, it will be mailed to the responsible party approximately six weeks from the date of withdrawal from the FACTS Tuition Payment System.

  • Parents of students who withdraw on or after October 1 are responsible for payments through December.

  • Parents of students who enroll at SBP after October 1 are responsible for the prorated tuition and are not eligible for a refund. 

  • If you withdraw your son/daughter anytime during the year after he/she is enrolled, you are responsible for being up to date on tuition and paying the $250 fundraising fee before we will release transcripts.

What is the fundraising fee or raffle?

All parents who enroll their child are responsible for the mandatory Parents Organization Raffle which is $250 per family, per year, your child is enrolled in the School. These raffle tickets are generally sent home with your child during Winter/Spring Break.

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