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Why The Hive?

St. Benedict's Prep is like no other school you've seen or experienced. We are a K-12 Catholic school serving 1,000 kids from in and around Newark, known for placing the needs and interests of the students we serve, first. That means we do things differently. Here are some of the ways a Benedict's education fosters capable, loving and resilient young people:

Most Schools

St. Benedict's Prep

10-month school year. 11-month school year: Our Middle and Prep Divisions begin the academic year with Summer Phase in July.
Homeroom marks the start of the school day. Convocation: Students and adults gather every morning for prayer, song, attendance, and the affirmation to "Go and conquer!" Convo is one of the most important things we do to build a community that is responsible for each other, and accountable to each other.
Adults in charge. Kids in charge: "Never do for students what they can do for themselves," is lived every day at The Hive. Our Group System gives students responsibility and a meaningful say in the day-to-day operations of the School.
Some experiential learning. Spring Phase, the entire month of May, kids in the Middle and Prep Divisions are engaged in one, intensive, hands-on learning course. For first year students, it is training for and completing the five-day Backpacking Project.
Achievement at the expense of others. "Whatever hurts my brother hurts me," and "Whatever hurts my sister hurts me," is much more than a phrase. It's a way of life that first year students learn from their older brothers and sisters. From academics, to sports and activities, Gray Bees know they belong to something much bigger than themselves.

We Are St. Benedict's Prep

What's is it like to be a Gray Bee? Watch our "We Are" video for an overview of life inside The Hive.

Fast Facts


1868 and sustained by the Benedictine monks of Newark Abbey. St. Benedict's is more than 150 years old and still growing!

Four Divisions K-12
  • Elementary Division: Boys & Girls (K-6)
  • Middle Division: Boys & Girls (Grades 7-8)
  • Boys Prep Division: Grades 9-12
  • Girls Prep Division: Grades 9-12
Who Attends St. Benedict's Prep?

Nearly 1,000 students, from Newark and the surrounding communities of Newark, Irvington, Orange, East Orange, Belleville, Union + beyond. International students from Brazil, Italy, Canada, Dominican Republic, Russia, Scotland and South Korea attend our Boys Prep Division. Students of color make up 85% of the student body and they represent a multitude of faith traditions including Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish.

Our Grounds

15 buildings on 12 acres in Newark's University Heights —take a look at the aerial view of St. Benedict's Prep.




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