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Alumni Association

St. Benedict's Prep Alumni Board

The by-laws of the St. Benedict’s Alumni Association state: “The purpose of the Alumni Association shall be to organize itself into a single, unified and effective body to promote the welfare of St. Benedict's Preparatory School; to act in accordance with School policies and as an integral part of the School; to advance the interests, influence and usefulness of the School, her faculty and her students; to support the continuity of mutual relationships between the School and its alumni; and to form a moral force for good.”

The Alumni Association is a club to which all alumni of the school belong. The 21 members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors represent the entire alumni body, meeting every month to learn about what is going on at the school and how they can support that activity and to plan reunions for the alumni body.

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Alumni Board if you have a suggestion for a reunion or would like to become involved in the Board's work.

Rev. Albert Holtz, OSB 60, (Moderator)
Jesse Alexander '81 (President)
Jonathan Nelson '83 (Vice President)
Kendall St. Ange '09 (Treasurer)
Frederick S. Davis, Jr. '83 (Secretary)
Candace Bradsher H'99 (Liaison)
Tahitia Anthony BA '89
Michael Flounoy '93
Omari S. Frazier '91
Christopher M. Holleran '84
Terrell K. Jones '01
Vernon E. June '84
Thomas J. Kilkenny '61
Jonathan Little '81
Barbara La Mort BA '67
John A Matthews '85
Phil Whyte '83
Stephen C. Wright '83
Emeritus Members  
Carl D. Biello '70
Christopher Rodriguez '90
Charles A. Villano '60