Honorary Alumni

Since 1982, the St. Benedict's Prep Alumni Association has recognized members of the community — faculty, staff, monks, coaches, friends and benefactors — who have dedicated extraordinary time and effort to the Benedict's mission by bestowing upon them the designation of Honorary Alumnus or Alumna. The following individuals have earned this distinction:

Michael A. DiPiano, Sr. H’82

Frank T. Downey H’83

Philip J. McGee H’85

Rev. Msgr. Michael E. Kelly H’86

John D. Dough H’87

William V. Engel H’87

Blanche Mosley H’89

Richard S. Jacobs H’90

Joseph M. Almeida, Sr. H’91

Kennan W. Smith H’91

Hon. Sharpe James H’93

Rev. Maynard G. Nagengast, O.S.B. H’94

Patricia Flynn H’95

James A. Hamer H’96

Derrick A. Hoff H’96

Kenneth F. Boehl H’97

Veronica Faulkner H’97

Michael R. Scanlan H’97

Edward Decter, M.D. H’98

Candace Bradsher H’99

Colleen Schweitzer H’99

Kermit Abrahamson H’00

Douglas Sterner, Ph.D. H’01

Karen DiPiano H’01

Keith Corpus H’02

Thomas A. McCabe, Ph.D. H’02

Werten F. Bellamy H’03

Oliver M. Johnson II H’03

Ramona Whittle H’04

Gerald Frungillo H’05

Richard Myers H’05

Martin Hannon, Ph.D. H’06

Mitchell M. Kirschbaum, D.D.S. H’06

Cory A. Booker H’07

Gerard Figurelli, Ph.D. H’07

Michael McCree H’07

James J. Hartmann H’08

Fullilove Family Scholarship

Shirley Walker H’09

Anthony W. Carnahan H’10

Rev. Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B. H’10

Noreen M. Connolly H’11

Lorraine S. Elias H’12

Joseph M. Sokolewicz H’12

Paul K. Napoli H’13

Craig N. Gillespie H’14

Rev. Maximilian Buonocore, O.S.B. H’15

James F. Duffy H’16

Michelle Tuorto-Collins H’16

Joan & Paul B. Barnas H’17

Mary E. Hauck H’17

Pamela Wye-Hunsinger H’18

Reginald Baskerville H’19

James McKerry H’19

Francine Esposito, Esq. H’22