Students in graduation


  • 6AM Workouts
    • The 6AM Morning workouts were initially designed as an opportunity for a small group of faculty to train. Since its inception, this training time has grown in popularity and is now open to all members of the St. Benedict's Prep community.
    • The training regimen rotates on a weekly basis to improve your aerobic and strength abilities.
    • Because technique is such an important part of what we do athletically, we initially encourage newcomers to train during the afternoon sessions:
      • When there is more time for you to learn:
      • Technique for Olympic Lifts,
      • Proper Erg Technique, and
      • the proper mechanics of other crossfit motions.
  • The Wolf Pack
    • The Wolf Pack is a unique group of individuals who have committed themselves to training initially for 28 consecutive days in the crossfit box.
    • Both morning and/or afternoon sessions, can count towards your consecutive total.
    • As a member of the Pack, students, faculty members, and friends of the Hive are acknowledged for their commitment during Convocation, where they are presented with a token which represents their membership.
    • The only price for joining the pack is commitment to yourself and your training throughout the academic year.

  • Supplemental Strength Training
    • As our program has grown in recognition, so has the demand for the facility. Athletic teams, throughout the community have also begun to train during the afternoon sessions to improve their overall strength and conditioning.
    • The wrestling, soccer, and rowing teams at St. Benedict's are frequent additions to the crossfit programming that is provided after school.
    • In time, it is our hope that we will gain access to a larger facility which will provide more crossfit training opportunities to our community at large.

      6 a.m. workouts
      Monday - Friday | 6:15 am - 7:30 am | Crossfit Box

      Supplemental Strength Training
      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday | 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm | Crossfit Box
      Wednesday: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm | Crossfit Box