Forever Benedict's: The Campaign for St. Benedict's Preparatory School is a $100 million comprehensive fundraising initiative to support The Hive and its students today, tomorrow, and forever.

Our School

St. Benedict's prepares boys and girls in and around Newark to fulfill their potential as emotionally mature, morally responsible and well-educated citizens. Operated by the Benedictine Monks of Newark Abbey since 1868, St. Benedict's offers a rigorous curriculum that sharpens the mind, shapes character and nourishes the spirit.

Our Success

On graduation day, St. Benedict's students stand proud of the hard work behind them, confident in their peers beside them, and prepared for the future in front of them.

Our Challenge

Students at St. Benedict's Prep have every reason not to fulfill their potential.

St. Benedict's faces its own financial pressures as it works to provide an unparalleled educational experience to students, most of whom are unable to afford the cost of attendance.

Our Solution

To combat these challenges and to continue to provide solutions to our students and our cities, St. Benedict's has launched Forever Benedict's: The Campaign for St. Benedict's Preparatory School. With an ambitious $100 million target to secure the future of The Hive, $50 million will be secured for the Annual Fund and $50 million will be secured for the School's endowment.

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides immediately spendable funding that supports The Hive's yearly operating budget and bridges the gap between the cost of a Benedict's education and our students' ability to afford it.

The Endowment

A well-managed endowment is a prime indicator of a school's financial health. Consisting of funds invested to provide annual returns for necessary purposes, St. Benedict's Endowment helps generate income for scholarships, supports our exceptional faculty, and ensures the School's unique educational experience will thrive for generations to come. Giving to the Endowment enhances the School's financial position and creates a legacy that impacts lives year after year.

Our Progress

As of June 2019

Give Today

Our students rely on your support. There are a variety of ways you can participate in Forever Benedict's. Click here to make a gift.