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Class of 2023 Reaps the Rewards of Early Applications

College placement plans kicked off early for the Class of 2023 since every member took the Senior Portfolio Class during Summer Phase. The head start on essay writing, college visits and to-do lists prompted more Gray Bees to submit Early Decision and Early Action applications, with impressive outcomes.

In December, four seniors in the Boys Prep Division (Pedro Cena ’23, Marcilio Soares ’23, Carl Olivier Estime ’23 and Guitze Rodriguez ’23), earned early admission and full scholarships to Boston College, Columbia University and Bowdoin College respectively, through the QuestBridge National College Match. Before the close of Fall Term, Senior Group Leader William Register ’23 received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and four Gray Bees were admitted Early Decision to Boston College (Kelvin Cooley ’23 and Luis Suriel ’23), Villanova University (Belmar Joseph ’23) and Lehigh University (Krithik Rajasegar ’23).

Since Early Decision is binding, many more students applied Early Action to colleges and universities. Members of the Girls and Boys Prep Divisions have received acceptances to NJIT, Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-New Brunswick, Montclair State University and Monmouth University, and more decisions are expected this spring.

“Getting in,” is one part of the comprehensive college placement process, according to Susanne Mueller. “We review all financial offers with our students,” the Dean of College Placement and Career Development noted. “We don’t want students to graduate college with more than $25,000 to $30,000 in debt.” While the majority of Gray Bees will opt for four and two-year colleges, the Office of College Placement and Career Development advises and helps seniors make plans for the military, vocational schools and apprenticeships. A complete recap of the Class of 2023’s post-graduation plans will appear in the summer issue of St. Benedict’s Prep magazine.


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