Expanding Our Footprint

In early September, the Elementary Division will have a new home: on Livingston Street, the site of the former St. Stanislaus School. Located six-tenths of a mile from Newark Abbey, St. Benedict’s is leasing the nearly 24,000-square-foot school building from the Archdiocese of Newark for Grades K-6. The agreement allows The Hive to accommodate growing enrollment in every Division. In July, the School reported registration of more than 1,000 Gray Bees in Grades K-12, the fifth consecutive year of enrollment growth.

Headmaster Fr. Edwin D. Leahy, O.S.B. ’63, described the additional space as a win-win for St. Benedict’s and Catholic education in the City of Newark. “Catholic schools have been closing across the city for decades. The Livingston Street location allows us to solve our space issues and expand St. Benedict’s footprint. It’s a tremendous development for the community. A once closed Catholic school will again be open for families who want an outstanding, faith-based education that gives students a voice and allows them to become leaders.” Sister Ann Marie Gass, S.S.J., Dean of the Elementary Division (pictured left), is excited about the space and its potential to enhance teaching, learning and the overall experience of the youngest Gray Bees. On a site visit in late June, Sister Ann introduced herself and the School to neighbors with her characteristic warmth and energy. Fr. Edwin will maintain an office at the Livingston Street location. On the Property at 520 MLK Boulevard, the Girls Prep Division will move into St. Mary’s Hall, which was formerly occupied by the Middle Division.  



The year the school building was constructed by St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church to educate the children of Polish immigrants.  


Located at 118-132 Livingston Street, the Elementary Division will be located six-tenths of a mile from 520 MLK Boulevard. 


The building provides nearly 24,000 square feet and includes eight classrooms, gymnasium, science laboratory, computer-technology room, music room, library and other amenities.  


The increase in overall enrollment at St. Benedict’s since 2017 when The Hive adopted the K-12 educational model. With 1,000+ students enrolled for 2022-23, the acquisition of additional space was a critical priority for The Hive. 


The estimated number of Elementary Division students who will call the St. Benedict’s Livingston Street location home in September. 

3 to 4 

St. Benedict’s expansion to Livingston Street increases the number of Catholic school locations in Newark from three to four: two
St. Benedict’s sites, plus Saint Michael School and Saint Vincent Academy. 


Elementary Division tuition for the 2022-23 academic year. Tuition is greatly subsidized, therefore financial aid is not available in the Elementary Division. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide the necessary support to make Catholic education as accessible as possible to families.


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