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Spotlight on the Performing Arts

Kids learn to fly in different ways at The Hive. Some gain greater confidence when they ace Intro to Calculus at NJIT or step into student leadership for the first time. Others find purpose and community in sports. If you watch our Convo broadcasts or attend a concert or Drama Guild production, you’ll see a growing number of Gray Bee performing artists — actors, running crew, musicians and singers — taking their rightful place in the spotlight at St. Benedict’s Prep. 

It's about time, you may be thinking, especially if you are a Drama Guild or music alum. Efforts have been underway for some time to enrich our performing arts programs and expand creative outlets for students to collaborate and showcase their talent. Faculty and kids — who give up a lot to make our theater and music programs work — have incredible stories to share about the growth achieved through the arts, and the development of Drama Guild, Jazz Band and Choir. I encourage you to read the print and extended online editions, because the small shifts we don’t see can have a profound impact on our students and school. 

A drummer joins a trio in after-school band and in a split second, it’s a new day for Jazz Band. A freshman expresses interest in the Juilliard Pre-College program and one year later, she’s preparing repertoire for the conservatory’s spring recital. The portfolio of skills acquired by Drama Guild members in production after production opens their eyes to career possibilities beyond The Hive. 

The level of access and opportunities we provide to students would not be possible without the support of the Gray Bee community. A huge thanks to Garry Dial ’72, whose musical career took flight at St. Benedict’s, and Trustee Terry Doan, who’ve committed time and resources to bolster our music programs. Ray Egatz ’65 led the way on the extensive lighting project that modernized our stage productions and introduced our kids to new theater technology. 

We are deeply grateful for these gifts and the generosity shown by alumni and friends for the 9th Annual Giving Day on March 21. Our community raised nearly $382,000 from 460 donors who could direct their gifts to scholarships, the endowment, sports, the arts and more. How gratifying to learn that the majority of Giving Day participants chose the category, “Where Needed Most.” Your trust means everything to us. 

If you’ve yet to make a gift this year, there’s still time to be counted. Go to sbp.org/give by June 30. 

Thank you for all you do for St. Benedict’s Prep. 


Fr. Edwin Leahy, O.S.B. ’63

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