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Unbroken Bond

Class of 1946

Dr. Lobo (center, maroon tie) and Mr. Alexander (yellow shirt) at the 2016 Breakers Luncheon in Spring Lake. 

Gray Bees in the Class of 1946 have never had to wonder, “Whatever happened to…?” For decades, Paul A. Lobo, Ph.D. ’46 and Joseph R. Alexander ’46, who passed away in August, kept their class together with a newsletter that provided a detailed account of the happenings and whereabouts of their Benedict’s brothers.

Dr. Lobo said the Class of ’46 reconnected in the 1970s. A chemical engineer, he’d returned to the United States after working overseas. Dr. Lobo and Mr. Alexander organized a get-together for their class and began issuing the newsletter.  

In the years since, the Class of ’46 has been a visible presence at regional receptions, the annual Shore Reunion for graduates of 50 years or more held at the Breakers in Spring Lake, N.J., and in their support of The Hive. For the past five years, participation rates ranged from 52% to 70% and the class is consistently a Top 10 Class for participation in the category of classes with fewer than 50 members.  

“The love and commitment the Class of ’46 has shown one another and St. Benedict’s Prep is impressive and inspiring,” said Mary Hauck H’17, Director of Special Events and Donor Relations. Ms. Hauck has worked closely with Dr. Lobo on producing the newsletter. “These guys just wouldn’t give up on anyone,” she added. The April 2023 edition contained detailed news on 15 alumni from the Class of ’46, including, sadly, obituaries of deceased classmates and their loved ones. The personal and professional achievements of those living and gone are a testament to what current Gray Bees are learning “I aspire to be a Benedict’s man.” This class of Benedict’s men includes military veterans, scientists, engineers, business leaders, a New Jersey State Superior Court judge, and many loving husbands, fathers and grandfathers.

The next issue, and most likely the last newsletter for the class, will be sent late summer. The introduction in the penultimate issue aptly sums up their connection. “As we reflect on our care-free days in Newark, we hope you can smile and remember the Class of 1946 consisted of a ‘great bunch of guys.’” 


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