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What is the best thing about being back in person?


It’s been great to build real relationships with the kids again. When we were virtual, we tried, but the kids had to want to build relationships with us. It’s not like we could make them come to online office hours. Now that we’re back, we see the kids every day. We see them when they’re hanging out. We see who their friends are. We have the time and place to talk to them. I knew my students better in a month in person than in a year online, and again, I knew all of my students. Class is important, but doing nothing together (as Fr. Mark used to say) is just as important when you’re building community.

Daniel Kane ’03
Latin teacher, Middle Division
World Language Chair, All Divisions


My teaching had to evolve during the pandemic, but as remote learning diminished and in-person learning returned, I imagined which new teaching practices must continue as I educate this pandemic generation. Children had endured serious trauma to their social or mental health. I could not wait to look my students in the eye, give them high fives, fist bumps and hugs! Seeing students among their peers and teachers laughing, talking, singing, and even arguing in an environment of love was the beginning of righting the pandemic’s losses. So, we encourage connection and provide enriching communication. Most important – a little empowering hug goes a long way.

Char-Lotte Searcy
Upper Level Dean, Girls Prep Division
English and Literature teacher  


The essence of St. Benedict’s is community. For many of us – students and adults – Benedict’s has been more than just a school or place of work. Praying, recreating, and learning together, we have each become part of the community and the community has become part of us. When we were distanced from each other, we lost some of that. After a year away, our return to in-person learning brought challenges and opportunities. Now that we’re back together, it’s most rewarding to be a daily presence in the lives of our students as they discover their talents, acknowledge their own greatness, and recognize their value to the community. It doesn’t get much better than coming to school every day and being a part of that!

Jared I. Boone ’13
Freshman Level Dean, Boys Prep Division
World History I Teacher

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