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What’s Next for the Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 will represent St. Benedict’s Prep at small liberal arts colleges, large public universities and everything in between this fall. The majority of graduates will matriculate to two and four-year colleges and universities, with some opting for the military, trade school, apprenticeships and a gap year. The accompaniment seniors experience to plan for life after Benedict’s continues to impact younger students. Many in the Class of 2022 were influenced by college alumni who came back to visit and advised seniors to apply early. Our students listened and this resulted in more seniors applying Early Decision and more acceptances to highly competitive institutions. This year’s results are spurring UDIIs to get active in college placement sooner. A good number of rising seniors participated in summer pre-college programs offered by Carnegie Mellon University, Marist College, NYU, Saint Peter’s University, Skidmore College, Stevens Institute of Technology and Syracuse University, as well as the U.S. Naval Academy.

A sampling of schools Gray Bees will attend this fall: 

Boston College


Skidmore College

Bowdoin College

Northwestern University

Temple University

Caldwell University



Lawrence University 

Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Notre Dame

Lehigh University

Rutgers University

University of Pennsylvania

Monmouth University

Saint Anselm College

Villanova University 

Morehouse College 

Saint John’s University

Yale University



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