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Benedict Men

“Benedict Men,’ a new sports docuseries on St. Benedict’s Prep and presented by NBA superstar Stephen Curry, is now available for streaming.

Launched on Quibi, the mobile subscription service, “Benedict Men” follows the Gray Bees basketball team through its 2018-2019 season. The film crew from Whistle Sports and Executive Producer Jonathan Hock were at The Hive on a daily basis that winter season.

“Benedict Men” began on Saturday, Sept. 19, with the first three chapters (episodes) and continued to add one new chapter every weekday through its conclusion of all 12 chapters on Oct. 1. It is a story about a group of high schoolers learning the meaning of brotherhood through academic excellence and basketball. Their value doesn’t lie in the number of points they score, but rather what they accomplish together as a team.

“As one of the top athletic high schools with a storied basketball program and the highest graduation rate in New Jersey, the series will follow the brotherhood of young men who seek to balance life in complicated surroundings,” reads the official synopsis for the series.

“That was a tough year for us, and the film crew captured it all,” said St. Benedict's coach Mark Taylor. “Our guys face a lot of challenges out there on the streets, and all of that can spill over onto the court. Things can get pretty intense and in-your-face. My goal as a coach is to win games, but even more important, to keep my players on the path to college and a better life.”

Steph Curry joined "Benedict Men" as an executive producer and presenter. Curry’s company, Unanimous Media, teamed up with Whistle Sports, Entertainment 360, and Select Films on the production.

“St. Benedict's mission is to take young men from diverse backgrounds and provide access to opportunity historically denied to us,” said Curry.

“Most kids of color feel like they have no voice. We see that in the protests today,” said Father Edwin Leahy, headmaster at St. Benedict’s Prep. “Sympathy only demonstrates concern for the inequities students suffer each day. Empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of your students to accompany them through the suffering. From the perspective of the basketball court, ‘Benedict Men’ puts that front and center.”

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Mike Basone and Mark Ciardi (“The Rookie,” “Miracle”) join Hock, an acclaimed documentary filmmaker, as executive producers.

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