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COVID-19 Relief Fund


St. Benedict’s Prep’s annual tuition is a heavy lift for most families in the best of times. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened not only the health of many Benedict's families, but has also put a strain on their finances, which, in turn, has become even more of a burden on paying tuition.

Since last spring, the school has paid out $100,000 in unbudgeted financial aid to families who have had to ask for reconsideration of their initial award. Families who have demonstrated need because of sudden and dramatic hardship, like the loss of a job or illness of a family member, have been offered temporary relief. And that need is all but certain to continue in the near future.

St. Benedict’s Dean of Administration, Michael Scanlan, said many families have service industry jobs that have been particularly hard hit.

“When they request some tuition relief, we work with them,” Scanlan said.  “We know that all our families make tremendous sacrifices to send their kids here.” Working with them means carefully assessing their situation and suggesting solutions to get them through paying for the school year, and reassessing their situation regularly.

This year has also brought unprecedented challenges to St. Benedict’s.  Increased financial aid awarded for families in need is only one of the financial pressures exacerbated by the pandemic. But, in the spirit of “Whatever hurts my brother hurts me; whatever hurts my sister hurts me,” it is one of the most urgent. Educating students – keeping them safe, connected and engaged – focuses every teacher, administrator, and staff member every day.

On Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1), we launched the COVID-19 Relief Fund to supplement Financial Aid requests this year. Please consider helping us help our students whose families are severely impacted by the pandemic, families who are making heroic efforts to give  their kids a St. Benedict’s education and a promising future.