Students in graduation


April 2018

Senior Sebastian Granizo joined Fr. Albert Holtz earlier this month on a trip to Rome for 125th anniversary of the foundation of the Benedictine Confederation and the founding of the Primatial Abbey of Sant’ Anselmo.

Fr. Albert chaperoned Granizo and students from the Benedictine Abbey and Delbarton, as well as two other Americans, as a congregation of Benedictine schools from around the world came together for the anniversary celebration in Rome from April 15 until April 23.

The highlight of the trip came on April 19 when Pope Francis spoke to a private audience  of over 170 Benedictine abbots, abbesses, and others, including Granizo, Fr. Albert and the other students. All of those in attendance got to meet the Pope individually.

“Meeting the Pope was also a great experience,” said Granizo, St. Benedict’s Maroon Section Leader. “Before going up to shake his hand, I felt a bit anxious and nervous. But at the end of the day, it felt great to be blessed by him. I know my family was proud of that.”

Besides Rome, Granizo and the group visited two other important sites in Italy, Monte Cassino and Subiaco, two places where St. Benedict actually lived; the former is the place where he wrote the Holy Rule.

“I loved everything about the trip,” said Granzio. “I got to see incredible places and got to meet several other students and chaperones from Benedictine schools all over the world.”

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