OUR RIPPLE EFFECT: The Vox Institute Bolsters St. Benedict's National Reputation
Fr. Edwin and SBP Graduates are also keys to spreading our mission

December 2017

The 60 Minutes Broadcast on St. Benedict’s may have introduced The Hive to the nation, but the Vox Institute, which celebrated its one-year anniversary here at SBP in September, has enhanced the school’s standing as a leader and innovator in urban education.

Since its inception, schools, youth organizations and programs from New York to Texas, and even Jamaica, have expressed interests in the St. Benedict’s model. The Institute, under the leadership of Director Louis Lainé ’12, is currently providing service to five educational entities throughout the U.S., including the Baltimore City Public Schools.

More recently, a group from TRU Colors Brewing, a start-up company from Wilmington, N.C., visited The Hive and the Vox Institute last month to study how we run things here in the inner-city.

The company is made up of rival gang members who came together for a common purpose and wanted to visit SBP after seeing our piece on 60 Minutes entitled, “The Resurrection of St. Benedict’s Prep.” They are pictured with members of our Vox Institute and Fr. Edwin.

(Watch video about TRU Colors Brewing)

The Vox Institute has only enhanced what Fr. Edwin and our graduates have been doing for years in getting the word out about St. Benedict’s. Click here to read more about the Ripple Effect in our latest Annual Report (Cover Story, Page 8-9).

(Read more about the Vox Institute at St. Benedict's Prep)

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