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Reporting for Duty: St. Benedict's Senior Group Leader Sets Sail for Annapolis


St. Benedict’s Senior Group Leader, William Register, received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.  Register was nominated to the USNA by U.S. Representative Donald M. Payne Jr., the congressman representing New Jersey’s 10th District.

Register, who will be part of the USNA’s Class of 2027, holds the top student leadership post for St. Benedict’s Boys Prep Division and is a member of the Gray Bee crew team. The future Midshipman said he’s excited about the appointment and the opportunity to compete on the Navy rowing team.

“It feels good to know what I’m going to be doing for a portion of my life ahead of me,” said Register. “I’m looking forward to being a part of a really great team, being part of a great school and serving in the military.”

Register became interested in the Naval Academy as a freshman at St. Benedict’s. Midshipmen intern at The Hive during Spring and Summer Phase and are involved in the five-day, five-night onboarding intensive known as the Freshman Overnight. The Midshipmen have been coming to SBP to intern since the summer of ’07.

“Learning about their life at the Naval Academy really drew me in,” he recalled. As Register took on more responsibilities for leading his Benedict’s brothers, he had more opportunities to interact and learn from Midshipmen. Working closely with Mids during Summer Phase 2022 cemented Register’s decision to apply to the Naval Academy.

“The insights they have on the different styles of leadership and how to talk to and motivate people helped me understand how I could be better here, and eventually be a better person moving on,” he explained.

While his post-secondary school plans are set, Register isn’t taking it easy. As Senior Group Leader, he leads a senior team of seven and is responsible for the Boys Prep Division, which numbers nearly 525 young men. The team wants a strong school year in academics, activities and attitude for the entire division and is working to ensure all first-year students earn their membership in the Benedict’s community by the end of the Spring Phase.

Register is also looking forward to his final spring season on the Gray Bee rowing team. He will report to the U.S. Naval Academy for Induction Day on July 1 – the initial day of Plebe Summer.