Students in graduation

Dress Code

Students shall dress in accordance with the following code. The Headmaster and Senior Group Leader will address questions about the acceptability of dress and reserve the right to make changes to the Dress Code as necessary at any time.

Students shall not wear the following while inside school buildings at any time:
  • Head wear, such as: hats, wave caps, skullies, head bands, ear muffs, etc.
  • Gloves
Students may wear jewelry under the following conditions:
  • Only one stud type earring may be worn at any time (earrings with loops or more than one stud shall be unacceptable).
  • Only one chain of a necklace type may be permitted. Any chain worn must be tucked inside the hoodie.
Beginners and Members (LD, FY, UD, SY) must wear a St. Benedict's Prep hoodie each day.
  1. Beginners shall wear Gray. Members shall wear Black.
  2. Any shirts worn under the hoodies must not be showing on the bottom.
  3. Nothing may be worn on top of the hoodies while in the building.
Students shall wear dress or casual slacks. A belt shall be worn at all times.
  1. Beginners shall wear khaki (tan/beige) slacks. Members shall wear black slacks.
  2. Slacks shall be proper fitting and worn with a belt at the waist. Pants shall not sag or hang down.
  3. Slacks shall not be cut or ripped in any way as to accommodate current fashion or footwear.
  4. Slacks may not have extra pockets, loops, or hooks. (Cargo pants / jeans are not acceptable – Dickie’s are acceptable.)
  5. Pants with elastic/drawstring waist are not acceptable.
Students shall wear dress shoes under the following conditions:
  1. Beginners shall wear brown dress shoes. Members shall wear black dress shoes.
  2. Shoes shall be worn properly and tied through all eyelets.
  3. Shoes shall have no more than a 1-inch heel.
  4. Any other form of shoe, other than dress, is not acceptable.
Students shall wear a St. Benedict's Prep gym uniform for all Phys. Ed classes.
  • Students shall only wear sneakers for Phys. Ed classes.