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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the St. Benedict’s Preparatory School main phone number and contact information?

The school’s Main Phone number is (973) 792-5700. You can dial a specific extension and leave a message for a teacher, the administration or staff.

To send a fax dial (973) 643-6922.

Faculty E-mails are listed on the web site.

The SBP website is The site contains information including faculty/staff E-mail addresses, school calendar, contact names/phone numbers, scheduled events, school activities including the Athletic Department’s schedule and opportunities for parent volunteers.

Is there an emergency phone number?

Yes. In an emergency please call our 24-hour front desk at 973-792-5739.

Who do I call if my son will be late for school or absent due to illness?

Prep Division parents must call the Attendance Hotline at (973) 792-5783 so that the school is aware of the student’s lateness or illness.

If you need to speak with someone, please call Mr. Feliciano at 973-792-5789.

What is my son’s ‘GROUP’?

Students are divided into groups that meet every day in the morning and another time of the day. Each ‘Group’ is identified by a deceased monk/teacher’s name.

What is the difference between a beginner and a member?

In general, beginners are 9th grade students or any student in their 1st year students at SBP. A student may also be a Beginner if he has not yet completed the requirements of Beginners, regardless of grade. Members are students who have successfully completed their beginner requirements and are returning for the next year.

How often will my son have Homework?

Homework is usually assigned each night. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all assignments on time. Ask your son to check his homework assignment book. Many teachers make use of web sites to post assignments, resources and information. Some of these also post student grades for students and parents to be able to track progress. Check with your son’s teacher for more information.

Is there a summer reading assignment?

Yes, each year all students (including incoming students) are required to read at least one book and complete an assignment or be prepared for an assessment on that book as soon as they return to school for First Term (July 29/30).

Where can I find information about the summer reading assignments?

All 9th grade students must pick up a book from the front desk of the school. They should have received the assignment during their “Pre-Orientation” session in June (or upon registration if that was completed after the June date). 9th grade students that don’t have the book and assignment must come to the school and pick up a packet from the security desk or admissions office.

All other students can find the summer reading assignment on the school’s web page at, click on the “academics” tab, then click on “Summer Reading 2018”.

Non-athletic activites

Gray Bee Ministry
Green Bees
Benedict News
Student Alumni Association
Admissions Team
National Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Art Honor Society
Drama Guild
Booth Crew
520 Corporation
Stand and Deliver
Jazz Band


Where do I pay my tuition?

SBP School utilizes an automated tuition payment plan program called FACTS and all parents must be registered in FACTS to pay tuition. Once a parent has a FACTS account with SBP, parents are able to utilize FACTS to update information or make payments electronically online. Parents can contact FACTS at 1-800-624-7092. For further direction, you can contact Mrs. Assadourian SBP at 973-792-5764.

Who do I talk to concerning Financial Aid?

Doris Lamourt is our Financial Aid Director. If you have questions concerning your student account you can reach her at (973) 792-5744.

Who do I call if I have questions about my bills, statements, late payments, or payment schedules?

Please contact Mrs. Assadourian at (973) 792-5764.

What fundraising responsibilities do the parents have for the school year?

Each Prep Division family is expected to support our annual fundraising events, which includes our parent raffle. Parents are required to sell or purchase $250 in raffle tickets. Failure to comply with raffle ticket requirements will result in the unsold tickets added to a student’s tuition at the end of the year for payment. There are no exceptions. Families who are able to contribute more than tuition and the fund-raising minimum are encouraged to do so as a tax deductible gift to the Parents Annual Giving Program.

First Term / Summer Phase

What are the dates for the opening of school?

Freshmen must report for the overnight on Sunday, July 29, no later than 6:00 PM.
(Students should have eaten dinner and showered, before arriving.)

School for everyone else will begin on Monday, July 30th.

For other dates, please consult the school calendar.

What is the daily schedule in Summer Phase?

Aside from the first day (see above), school will begin each morning at 8:00 AM. Members will be dismissed around 1:30 each day. Lower Division and Transfer Students may be required to stay a little later.

Freshmen must report each day at 7:40 and will finish around 3:00.

Are breakfast and lunch available during First Term?

Yes, both will be served each day and students will be able to use their government benefits and/or their declining balance account in the cafeteria

Who must do the overnight?

The overnight is a freshman experience. It is only for 9th graders.

What does my son need for the overnight?

Every day needs for First Term Pens and pencils, Books

For the Overnight: Sleeping bag and sheet or Blanket and sheet, Good slacks and shirt for evening meal, shoes, and shorts for recreation. Students must wear Shirt and tie each day and khaki dress or casual slacks (jeans and cargo pants are not acceptable). Underwear and socks (5 sets), Gym Clothes: shorts, T‑shirt, socks, towel, sneakers. Clean‑up kit: washcloth and towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, deodorant.

DO NOT BRING: You do NOT need money, laptops, cell phones, tablets, I-Pod’s, MP3’s, CD players, ANY games or gaming systems or any other electronic equipment, jewelry, or air mattresses. Do not bring any of these items!

My son is a beginner, but not a freshman, what does he need?

Every day needs for First Term: Pens and pencils, Books.

Dress Code

What is the current Dress Code?

The main dress code is as follows:

Prep Division / Senior members: Black SBP hoodie, black pants and black dress shoes

9th grade & Transfers: Gray SBP hoodie, khaki pants and brown dress shoes
(NB: Transfer students: when ordering uniforms, please tell the store you are a 9th grader to avoid confusion. This will have no bearing on your actual grade in school)

During the warmer months students may be allowed to wear the SBP polo shirt of the same color.

Where can I purchase the hoodie?

Uniforms can be purchased through Flynn & O'Hara school uniforms online (, via telephone (800-441-4122) or at their store:
196-198 Ferry St. in Newark, NJ.
Store hours:
9:30 am - 7:00 pm Mondays
9:30 am - 6:00 pm Tuesdays - Saturdays.
They are closed on Sundays.

NB: Please do not drop off money or order forms at the school. You must purchase directly from Flynn & O’Hara. The school has no ability to submit or fill orders.

Are there uniform pants and shoes?

There is no specific style of pant that is required, just that the pants be the correct color for the student’s designation (beginner or member). They should be in the form of dress or casual slacks - no jeans, carpenter pants, sweat pants, jumpers etc. Dickies pants are acceptable.

Shoes also must be of the correct color, but there is not a specific shoe style required. However, shoes must be ‘dress’ shoes (hard or rubber sole is acceptable). Other styles of casual, walking shoes, etc. are not acceptable. If in doubt, consider what kind of shoes would be appropriate for more formal dress.

For convenience, you can purchase pants and shoes through Flynn & O’Hara.

My son has not yet received his hoodie, what do I do?

Please contact Flynn & O’Hara directly (information above).

Can I pick up a hoodie up at the store?

Yes, they are located at:
196-198 Ferry St. in Newark, NJ.

Store hours:
9:30 am - 7:00 pm, Mondays.
9:30 am - 6:00 pm, Tuesdays - Saturdays.
They are closed on Sundays.

Do I need to purchase a gym uniform for my son?

There is no set gym uniform at this time. If there is anything specific that your son needs, he will be informed by his gym teacher.

What sneakers are allowed for gym?

There is no specific sneaker requirement.


What is the Parents' Organization?

All parents are invited to participate in the Parents Organization. Directed by the Parents Organization Board, this dedicated, hardworking group contributes to the quality of student life by sponsoring many programs and events throughout the school year. It encourages and facilitates communication and strives to unify the efforts of the SBP families with those of the administration and the faculty in carrying out the goals of the school. Various committees staffed by volunteers organize cultural and social programs and events for parents and students. In addition, the Parents Organization sponsors several fundraising events.

How will important notices to parents be sent home?

Letters, automated phone messages or E-mail notices will be used to communicate with parents. Please do not ignore your SBP mail. Open and read it.

All families need to register with and keep your information current on our instant notification system by logging into This is our main form of school to home communication for emergencies, reminders, and other notifications.

What is the Honeywell Instant Alert System? How do I register?

The Honeywell Instant Alert System is a means of communicating with parents (and students) through the use of various technologies at the same time. We have the ability to send one message out that can reach parents on their home phone, cell phone, email, text, and any other communication device that the parent registers all at once. There is no cost to the parent regardless of the number of devices that are registered.

This system serves as our primary means of contacting all or subsets of parents in the event of emergency situations or changes important information (such as a last minute change in schedule). This is also used to remind people of important dates or events (such as registration dates or deadlines for fundraising commitments).

In addition, we have the ability to tailor the system to send information to specific groups of people (for example, last minute cancellations of an event for the soccer team could be sent specifically to parents of soccer players – not the whole school).

It is of extreme importance that everyone registers on the Honeywell System, and keeps their information up to date on the system.

For information about how to register, please refer to the pages of this booklet that provide instructions. If you continue to have problems registering, or do not have access to a computer or the internet at home or work, please contact Mary Hauck at or 973-792-5776 to make arrangements to have someone here help you through the process.

Non-athletic activities

Gray Bee Ministry
Green Bees
Benedict News
Student Alumni Association
Admissions Team
National Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Art Honor Society
Drama Guild
Booth Crew
520 Corporation
Stand and Deliver
Jazz Band

Student Services

Who do I speak with about health forms and lunch accounts?

Omar Feliciano is the Director of Student Services. He is responsible for the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, as well as other programs at the school. His phone number is (973) 792-5789.

If my son receives medication during the school day whom do I contact?

The school nurse can be reached at (973) 792-5782. The infirmary is located outside of the cafeteria. Physicals forms and immunizations need to be submitted to Mr. Feliciano or can be dropped off at the admissions office.

I’m pretty sure that my son will not qualify for free or reduced lunch; do I still need to complete a form?

Yes, it is helpful for the school to have a lunch form on file for each and every student.

Is the information on the lunch form used for anything else?

No, by law, we may not use the personal financial information on the lunch forms for any other purpose, including financial aid and other programs. To apply for financial aid, please call Doris Lamourt at 973-792-5744

It is true that the school is eligible for certain grants and programs from both the government and private foundations based on the number of students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch. In reporting this information, only the percentage of students eligible is reported, not individual names or information.

How do I get more information on how to complete the form?

Each form should be attached to an instructions sheet and frequently asked questions. However, if additional assistance is necessary, please call Omar Feliciano at 973-792-5789.

How do I deposit money into my son’s lunch account?

Parents can deposit money into their son’s account in 2 ways:

  1. Students or parents can give money directly to the cashier’s in the cafeteria.
  2. Money can be deposited online by creating an account at You will need to know your son’s ID number to create the account.


Does my son need a new physical each year?

Yes, every student needs a new physical each school year. Students are required to have an annual physical by July 30th..

A physical is good for one year from the date of the physical. If your son has a physical that has not yet expired, we can accept that until the new physical date. However, on the date of expiration, a new physical will be required or your son will not be able to be in school.

I have a note from the doctor saying my son’s in good health, is that acceptable?

Students must have the physical completed by a physician and use the form issued by the school and the state Department of Education. The form has two sections, one for parents to complete before the physical and one for the doctor to complete during the physical. This form is available on the Student Services page of the school’s web site Physicals will be offered at SBP for a nominal fee. The date is to be announced.

When are physicals due?

Physicals are due on July 30th.

Will there be an opportunity to receive a physical at the school?

There will not be any opportunities for physicals to be conducted at school this year. Please make arrangements with your own physician or a clinic to have the physical completed before school begins.

What is cardiac or concussion testing?

Cardiac and Concussion tests are conducted for all of our students who are engaged in athletics or intramurals each year. However, students only need to complete these once every 2 years.

Cardiac testing consists of an EKG and screening of family history. We offer opportunities to get this completed here at the school, or parents can take students to their own doctor or someone referred by their doctor to complete the screening. Once completed, please supply us with a 'cardiac clearance' from the doctor.

Concussion testing is conducted here at the school and is used to establish how well and quickly a student can answer some basic questions on the computer. In the event the student is ever suspected of having a concussion, the same screening can be used to determine how much different the student is responding after injury from before.

Transportation/NH Transit

Does the school provide transportation or bus tickets?

St. Benedict’s Prep only provides transportation for students to and from the school and school related events. We do not provide transportation to and from students’ homes.

Students/Families that live in the City of Newark are able to apply for bus tickets through the Newark Board of Education. A student/family must fill out a Transportation Application or B6T and submit it to Mr. Feliciano who then submits that application to the Newark Board of Education, Department of Pupil Transportation.

Eligibility for bus tickets from the City of Newark depends on the mileage a student/family lives from St. Benedict's Prep.

Once it is determined that a student/family is eligible for bus tickets, Mr. Feliciano will inform all students of their eligibility and students must pick up their tickets on the first school day of every month. Students are provided with a specific amount of bus tickets based on the number of school days in a given month. Bus tickets are strictly to be used for transportation purposes to and from school only. Students may not use these tickets for personal transportation on weekends or for weekend activities/athletic events. These are strictly for transportation to and from school between Monday and Friday, if school is in session. Students will not be reimbursed for lost tickets, tickets used during off school hours, or tickets given away to friend. It is also illegal to sell these tickets to others.

Note: St. Benedict's Prep does not determine whether a student is eligible for bus tickets. The Newark Board of Education makes all determinations on student eligibility.

How can I apply for transportation reimbursement from my city or town?

Students/Families that do not reside in the City of Newark, may apply for Transportation Reimbursement from your Board of Education. Your local Board of Education may or may not participate in a Transportation Reimbursement Program. This something you need to find out.

If your city/town participates in a Transportation Reimbursement Program, you must submit a B6T Transportation Application to Mr. Feliciano to process the application. Mr. Feliciano, in turn, submits this application to your Board of Education.

Note: New Transportation Applications must be submitted on a yearly basis. Applications do not get carried over from previous years.

Where can I get the Transportation for Private Schools (B6T) Application?

Copies of this application are available on the “Students” page of the schools’ web site.

Does the school provide train passes?

No, the school does not provide train passes. However, students are eligible to purchase a student train pass from New Jersey Transit. Students/Families must obtain the application from NJ Transit, bring it to the school for Mr. Cassidy or Mr. Scanlan to sign, then see Ms. Lamourt (in the admissions) office to get it formally stamped. This form gets returned to NJ Transit for purchase.

Where can I get a NJ Transit student identification card?

These can be found in Mr. Feliciano’s office. They are needed to purchase student bus tickets from NJ Transit.

Note: These are not the same as the St. Benedict’s Prep student ID cards that each student is issued.