Our Impact

St. Benedict’s Prep changes lives and communities for the better.

The demographics of our student body mirrors the many challenges that urban schools struggle to overcome today. Our approach to education is very different and so are our outcomes.


Where Gray Bees Go: Class of 2022


Partnerships & Outreach

St. Benedict’s Prep has established connections and partnerships that the country can follow to forge understanding, heal bitter divides and unify communities.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges works to transcend the divides between law enforcement and communities of color. The program launched in 2021, with a group of St. Benedict’s students and New Jersey State Troopers.


Rae Kushner Yeshiva Academy

St. Benedict’s and Rae Kushner Yeshiva Academy High School partnered on an academic seminar of interfaith dialogue on issues of racism and anti-Semitism.


Noor Ul-Iman School

St. Benedict’s and the Noor Ul-Iman School in Monmouth Junction have engaged in one day exchanges of visiting each other’s schools and engaging in a variety of activities.  


Jac P. Thijsse College, Netherlands

International exchange established in 2017, sends a group of Gray Bees to the Netherlands for a week and students from the Jac P. Thisjsse College in North Holland, to The Hive for a week.


Amal Schools, Israel

Established in 2017, this international exchange pairs Israeli students from Haifa with St. Benedict’s students to collaborate on technology initiatives.