Our Mission & Story

Our Mission: 

Guided by the Gospel and in service to Newark and its surrounding communities, St. Benedict's Prep builds community, tends to the heart, educates the mind and develops leaders.

Our Core Motto: Benedict’s Hates a Quitter

Coined by legendary football and baseball coach Joe Kasberger, the motto has taken on expanded meaning that Gray Bees apply to the classroom, academics, relationships and life. Watch!

Our Story

St. Benedict’s Prep is a community like no other.

Some call us a miracle. Others point to St. Benedict’s as the national example to revitalize education in urban, suburban and rural areas. First and foremost, St. Benedict’s is a community, rooted in The Rule of St. Benedict and the monks’ commitment to stability in one place. Planted in Newark for more than 154 years, we serve, educate and accompany the kids who are here, from the children of German and Irish immigrants in the late 19th century to a multi-ethnic population today with students representing all socioeconomic and faith backgrounds.

Our success stems from common sense practices (that unfortunately are not commonly practiced in most schools). We put the needs and interests of students first. Help them discover and raise their voice. And place trust and responsibility that is earned into the hands of young people. This is how Gray Bees take ownership of their education, ownership of their community and ownership of their future.



Ever Dear: 150 Years at St. Benedict's Prep
was published in 2018 in recognition
of our Sesquicentennial. 

This is part of what makes St. Benedict's rare and successful. Students are required to run much of the School. — CBS Evening News "60 Minutes"